Tashi Nakanishi

Managing Partner

About Managing Partner

Tashi Nakanishi is Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of XPV Group. Prior to founding XPV, Mr. Nakanishi founded and served as Managing Partner of Dreamers VC, an early-stage venture capital fund, alongside Keisuke Honda and Will Smith. In 2016, he launched KSK Angel Fund with Keisuke Honda, creating the category of influencer Angel investor in Japan, which led to investments in Makuake (seed) and Kyash (series A). Mr. Nakanishi has institutionalized the process of connecting cultural leaders to the best technology founders. Mr. Nakanishi has always been passionate about Alternative Investments, previously holding positions at a fund of funds, a quantitative hedge fund, and a real estate fund. He is also passionate about the Japanese venture ecosystem and currently advises the Japanese government and local government on innovation and web3.