Ron Everline

Managing Partner

About Managing Partner

For Ron ‘Boss’ Everline fitness is the groundwork for everything he does. His passion in the health and wellness space is personified through his company JustTrain. At JustTrain, it is more than just simply fitness. It is about training the mind both in and out of the gym, in order to excel in your craft and become a better version of yourself. Thus, why the company's slogan "Just Train The Mind and The Body Will Follow" is so prominent. Ron ‘Boss’ Everline’s precision in the boardroom has taken him from trainer to partner with clients such as comedian and entertainer Kevin Hart, pioneering and managing deals with JP Morgan Chase, Nike and Rally Health. He has also evolved from ‘influencer’ to equity partner on deals with Nutrabolt, Therabody, Fabletics, Pathwater, Hydrow, Playbook, Outstanding Foods, and high net worth clients domestically and abroad.