Allyson Dias

VP of Impact and Experiences

About VP of Impact and Experiences

Allyson Dias, VP of Impact & Experiences at XPV Group, has an impressive track record. As the former Director of the Thiel Fellowship, she achieved remarkable results. Under her leadership, company valuations skyrocketed from $20 million to $60 billion (excluding Ethereum), and exits totaling $21.5 billion. With an acute eye for talent, she carefully selected 250 founders from over 50,000 applicants, conducting 1,200 interviews. Her keen insights allowed her to identify the most promising individuals each year. She also spearheaded global outreach initiatives, expanding the program's reach and influence. Dias provided extensive support to founders, guiding them in fundraising, hiring, KPIs, and company culture. She creates powerful networks through community-driven events.